Helpful moving tips for pet owners

Moving is stressful for everyone, including your pet

Whether you are moving across town or to somewhere completely different, it can be a disruptive experience for the people – and pets – involved.

“For our pets, this heightened stress can lead to anxiety and a general feeling of insecurity. So it’s important for pet owners to prepare well in advance for their pets, take it slowly and be patient with your pet.”, says Nadia Crichton from Pet Insurance Australia.

The stress associated with a move may result in some unusual behaviour in your pets. According to Dr Helen Harvey from Greencross Vets:

  • For dogs – it may include trying to escape, barking, digging, hiding or being destructive
  • For cats – excessive grooming or fur pullingYour vet should always be consulted if you are concerned about your pet’s new behavior after you move.

    Here are some helpful tips to help your pet adjust to their new environment smoothly and minimise stress.

    Things to do BEFORE moving

    • Update details on your pets microchip and tags as soon as possible
    • Make sure vaccinations are all up to date
    • Locate your closest emergency vet at the new location, just in case
    • Double check fences at the new place are secureKeep your pets somewhere else on moving day, such as with a friend or relative, in order to keep them from being underfoot and reduce their anxiety.

      When at your new home with your pet

      • Introduce them to their new home slowly
      • Stick to their routine, such as feeding and walk times
      • Spend as much time with your pet as possible to reassure them
      • If possible, try not to leave them alone in their new home for too long
      • Take your dog for a walk around the streets as soon as you can
      • Confine cats to indoors for at least 3 weeks after the moveGet to know your new neighbors and ask them to let you know if your dog creates any disturbances while you are out.

        We hope these tips will be helpful and wish you luck in your move!


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