Animal Rescue Team


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We are based in the northern suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa.
Jody who is the founder of ART does not use facebook so she does not see any posts. I (Pam) do most of the posts on her behalf so if you need any uptodate info, you need to contact Jody herself on 072 212 7380
If you would like to donate – we and the animals humbly thank you but please let us know so we can thank you properly as well.
Animal Rescue Team
ABSA savings
Acc nr 9271558027
Branch code 632005
Ref your name and /or the project we busy with , now it is Kraaifontein Caper ( KC)
Or steries
Or food or whatever you want it to go towards.
Brackenfell Animal Hospital
Nedbank Acc nr 1033017175
Brch code 1003310
Ref Animal Rescue Team ( A.R.T) AND / OR CLIENT ACC NR 51531
We accept any animal type stuff like leads, collars, feeding bowls, towels etc as well.
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Cape Town,Western Cape 0722127380