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Natural & raw canine meal proudly produced in South Africa


As we are learning from the grave diseases, psychological effects and plain thoughtlessness surrounding the choices we make in the 21st century, our canines, especially our working dogs should be given the best foundation of health & potential to do very important jobs for us. Whether it be anti-poaching, security dogs, bomb dogs, search & rescue dogs etc, their longevity depends on US.

Farmer mentality – Getting back to our roots!

Most of us in the rural community of South Africa and worldwide have had the amazing opportunity to see how the efforts of what we plant – grows. It is hard work cultivating growth but essentially follows the natural cycle and in return provides us with the food we put on our plates. From the beginning of time we have fed our canines the scraps from our cuts of used vegetables, unwanted pieces of meat and learned how NOT TO WASTE. Waste itself has become an epidemic in our cultures globally. In essence, Emmarentia Raw is using a combination of those “unwanted” pieces of meat and beautiful vegetables from our hard working farmers, rich in nutrients and vitamins to feed and nurture our incredibly important counter parts – whether companion dogs or working dogs.

Root of it all

Emmarentia raw was created with direct inspiration of the Emmarentia & Lou Geldenhuys farm in Johannesburg.

Great granddaughter of the rose & soil farmers, she took pieces of her lineage and wove it into areas of interrelated spheres of animal wellness, nature consciousness and social change.

Creating a raw dog food for the health & wealth of her black german shepherd and other working – service canines, is how she directed her energy.

With the help and education of other incredible women in the farming community and a town of nature loving people, she could put her passion into action with their collective help.

The journey of Emmarentia raws’ seeds were unknowingly planted when Katherine moved to Cape Town to expand her already existing business Hunter Management in 2012. There she met  the owner of Raw Love Pets in Noordhoek.  Growing less and less fond of city living and working within her field of “creative management”,   her spirit was ready to move into her grandparents footsteps of farming.  When the raw dog food  farm surprisingly had a vacant cottage and saturated with a  lively community whose values were all about healing and natural ways of working in the world, it was the perfect match for starting on a long journey of animal health care.  It was there that Katherine was offered to manage the raw dog food business, to help grow it into its new and very successful evolution, learning through her mentor/boss a completely new way about animal health and still holds these values.

Katherine always had a deep connection with animals from early childhood. From her parents owning Dobermans and German shepherds by her side in South Africa as a baby, to Standard King Poodles, Rhodesian Ridgebacks and Pitbulls in America. There was only a short period yet very dismal time in her life where she did not have an animal beside her, when she lost her Rhodesian ridgeback to cancer at the mere age of 5.

Cancer and immune deficiencies has become such a huge and devastating disease amongst dogs, not only humans. The prevention against is very much based on nutritional health amongst the “emotional  health” of the animal and beings.

As a part of the Hoedspruit community, so deeply invested in the protection of all life, it seemed a perfect location and purpose to start making a food that would best suit the dogs who serve in the name of protecting and conserving our wildlife.

The goal with Emmarentia Raw is to provide dogs like Shadow & Nassaua with the nourishment they need to sustain their precious vitality and thrive – in their own lives and ours.

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